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Let's Bloom Together

Where Being a mom is job #1

The Moms SPot is Just for You...

As a special needs mom you're the one holding everything together and the one who gets her needs pushed aside. The Moms Spot is here to support you and help you meet those needs! We all need someone to lean on... Lean away :)

All things Parenting

From pregnancy and infant through grandparenting we discuss child development, parenting choices, coping, staying home or daycare, planning trips and parenting strategies. Welcome home!

Wellness and Health

Taking care of you

In The Kitchen... Food and Fun

Family meals, activities to keep kids busy, sensory activities, cooking from scratch, and back to the basics of cooking are all here. Real NON-GMO foods, milling and some preserving too. Come join us in Jodi's Kitchen @The.Moms.Spot

high/Special Needs Parenting

Autism, ADHD and Chronic medical conditions can all be difficult to manage. The stress levels for parents of children with autism are similar to that of combat soldiers research shows. Welcome support is here!

Entrepreneurship.... Want to start a From Home Business?

Are you looking to create a side hustle to help pay for groceries or a full thriving business with income to cover all your expenses plus more?

Special Needs Moms all over are taking matters into their own hands, some can't work due to their Childs high needs others are choosing to stay at home and work for themselves to better balance work home life. There's never been a better time!

Family Finances

Money, money, money... There are so many expenses that other families don't face. Special foods, more gas, replacing special toys, a million markers, etc. and there's so much drama and judgement around money, making it, spending it and dare we dream saving it. We'll help you keep as much as you can and have perspective about the rest!

Coaching / mentoring

Autism, ADHD and Chronic medical conditions can all be difficult to manage. The stress levels for parents of children with autism are similar to that of combat soldiers research shows. Welcome support is here, check out how we help click the button below!

Our Story

After spending 17 years educating teachers, daycare owners and workers in the Early Childhood and Education area and running a not for profit I came home to care for my high needs daughter. As she's getting older I am helping other moms some with high needs children and others who just want to parent better, more authentically and who want to understand how to help their child and give them that little bit extra.


What people say

"Great source of support and guidance.

Support and helpful information, when as a parent or caregiver you are second guessing every decision you make."




"Jodi is a voice for those who have none. I have watched her educate, advocate, and fight for our precious babies with special needs. Not only is Jodi an educator, but she is a perpetual student. She allows her child to teach her what she needs to be successful...


Christina Horton

Child Development Specialist, MS, ECE

"You just made me tear up. You know exactly what our kiddo's need.

Coping skills is really important too. You amazing."




Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How can I work with you?

I do 1-1 coaching /mentoring and consulting you can book a call through my offerings page!

How can I download my purchase?

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What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of printables they are not refundable. If you have a problem or concern about using it let me know and I will be glad to help you figure it out!

Can you help me with a custom order?

Need a special or customized version of a product? Need a product you don't see? Reach out and we will try and get it made or customized for you. The contact page is a great place to send me a message. I can also be reached directly at [email protected]

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